Let me guide you step by step to show you how to unlock your higher self  and allow your full potential to unfold

♥Strengthen Your Mindset

♥Release Negative Beliefs

♥Uncover what is truly blocking you


Becoming a JOURNAL MASTER will be a defining moment in your life.

It’s time for you to solidify your mindset and align with your biggest dreams and desires!

Let’s get you FOCUSED on the actions you should be taking NOW and allow your goals to be your reality in the fastest possible time!

Lifetime Access

Yes, this is a self paced program but once you are in you have lifetime access to all the content and any future updates. 

Unlimited Continued Support

You will be invited to join our community of Journal Masters who will be there to celebrate every milestone with you and it is here you will have access to unlimited support for any questions you require support on. You also get brand new journal prompts evey week AND a live monthly q&a so that you get 1-1 support for your questions.

Step by Step Instuctions

From start to finish you will be guided on exactly what to do and how in order to get the most out of your journal practice.

Here is what you will find inside Journal Mastery…

Module #1

Getting Started – What you need to know before you become a Journal Master. You will discover the vital first step to take before embarking on your journal practice

Module #2

The 5 Step Journal Format to Fast Track Your Personal Growth, outlining the exact steps to take during your written journal practice.

Module #3

How to get the best results from your journal questions. Here you will learn how to use your Journal work to self coach yourself and pull out the answers you need from within! 

Module #4

How to make sure your writing calls in your wants and desires. This lesson will help you create your powerful dream life statements and affirmations

Module #5

What to focus on to make your Journal Practice the MOST powerful tool you will ever use! This is where we learn how to emotionally connect so you can energetically align with what you are asking for.

Module #6

Daily. Weekly and Monthly Rituals for Success & Client Attracting Content. In this lesson you are introduced to some additional tasks you can add on to your journal practice to strengthen your mindset even more!

Bonus Members Only Masterclasses

Masterclass #1

How to avoid the biggest mindset mistake that is keeping you from your goals and dreams

Masterclass #2

How to find the real and true why behind everything you do

Masterclass #3

Monthly money tasks to keep the flow of money open to you

Masterclass #4

Simple mindset tweaks to get results FAST!

AND…Money Mindset Expansion 5 part training!

Module #1

Module 1: The real reasons why you are not making all the money you want right now

Module #2

How to release your money blocks to allow money to start flowing to you

Module #3

Creating a powerful money mindset to attract money to you and your business

Module #4

The structures you need to have in place to respect and look after money

Module #5

Money work and systems to keep you on track daily

What People Say

There I was in the back of a taxi going to a party when Breda Stackpool’s advertisement for a special offer on Journal Mastery came into my Facebook feed. It was such a good deal that I booked it straight away.

Did the course and the following week I quadrupled my income! Got such a fright that I pulled back, then I had a meeting with myself and got back on the horse! I love journaling, it is so powerful, and the energy flowed so easily, so much so that I created a workbook to help others out!  Thanks, Breda for helping me see what I am capable of.

"I quadrupled my income in one week"

Regina Curley

I can’t express enough, how chaotic my brain has been trying out previous startup ideas. This time round, my business is going successfully. I manage to get all of my thoughts out on Paper properly, I have creative moments, and I don’t forget things anymore! My structure in my business is doing so much better, I can easily tell when I need to work on my ideas, I just go back to my journal. 3 wholesale accounts and 1 successful shop, I’m absolutely in awe of how Bredas courses have helped me.

"Such excellent mindfulness of business "

Mariel O'Keeffe

A lot of information to take in but Breda delivers it with ease. I had my shiny new notebook in front of me and on page 1 I took a few notes, in bullet format as I went along the training. I can refer to these if I get stuck along the way. Looking forward to implementing this list as I think it will certainly speed up the list making process for the stationery/list making lovers among us and ultimately do away with procrastinating. Love the power hour concept also.

"Great insights into organising your day!"

Susan Bourke

I have never been a journal person but this course has helped me create a daily practice which has just amplified my results both business and personal. Breda is a true master in her field! Thank you so much. Easy to follow and really practical, money well spent!

"awesome awesome awesome"

Sarah Knapp

One of the best courses and most beneficial course I have ever done!

"One of the best courses I have ever done"

Karen Slattery

I love the Journal Mastery course. I was already in the habit of journalling but following Breda’s program completely changed how I did it, and I got rapid results in my life and business as a result. Breda gives really practical, easy to follow steps to build your journalling practice as you go through the course, and if you do the actions you will definitely feel like a Journal Master by the end of it!


Yvette Fulton

Here is what I know ..



You know you want to make some serious changes in your life.

✔ You are struggling to get any task or project finished because you keep hopping from one thing to the next, or moving onto the next GREAT idea you had!

✔ You are confused about what you want, how you could achieve it and what you should focus on.

✔ You are not sure if you are good enough to have the thing you ULTIMATELY want..you even talk yourself into being OK with something smaller than this because you feel that that is all you might be capable of.

✔ You dream of BIG goals and they just won’t leave you even though you sometimes tell yourself..it’s just a dream!

✔ You sometimes allow yourself to BELIEVE that with the right discipline, structure, motivation, plan and support..these dreams, desires and goals that you have on your list (maybe for a long time, and that is OK) could actually be YOURS!

✔  Your no.1 desire is to accomplish your goals with ease.

Hi, My name is Breda Stackpool & I will be your step by step guide showing  you how to unlock your higher self, release all blocks holding you back and allow your full potential to unfold!

I have been there, and I know how frustrated I felt!

My mindset journey began in 2008. That was the first time I was introduced to things like affirmations and inner blocks.

I dabbled for a few years but then life took over and I got “too busy” to give it my serious attention.

In 2014 I had a huge life changing event..I hit rock bottom after losing a business, my house, car, all my money, even my phone was cut off.

I was forced to move back in with my parents and had to start again. 

Everything felt like it was falling apart. 

I remember waking up one day and thinking 

“OK Breda, you are probably going to wake up everyday for a long time to come.. you better figure out what you are going to do with the rest of your life!”

That is when my serious mindset journey began. My head was telling me to take the easy route..my heart was calling me to go into business…even with no money, no clients, no idea how to make it happen!

I was scared..but the thought just would not leave me!

The day I made the decision to commit
 to my goals and TRY..

I was full of enthusiasm which VERY quickly turned to fear, telling myself it was too hard, and getting into a total state of confusion with everything I needed to do!

Then I realised that the same thoughts and fears were showing up in all areas of my life AND I was always giving up too early and not backing myself in what I wanted to achieve. I was using excuses, being a victim, and not 100% committed.

These were hard lessons I needed to admit!

I never stopped to sort out the chaos in my mind, so I just dived into each day with no plan. When I look back now I realise that I never got anything finished, not because I was not good enough or didn’t work hard enough, but because I lived the never ending chaos that I had created for myself!

I was in a constant state of confusion on what to prioritise, on why things were not working for me and on the reasons that other people seemed to create RESULTS so much faster than I ever could!

But the worst mistake I made was the doubt I let live in me that I was not good enough.

My BIG dream was to own my own successful business helping other women in business achieve their big goals.

No matter how many times I told myself that it was not possible, or not the right time, or who would want to hire me, that I could never do this..

That little dream of mine was always there.



As soon as I started working on ME and my mindset and not made this a non-negotiable priority …


I discovered journalling as a mindset strategy in 2015 and I can say without doubt it is THE reason that I have achieved and manifested the life I have today!

All the “wants” I wrote in my journal seemed so unattainable when I declared them, but this is now a snapshot of my life!

✔  My dream business where I only work 4 hours a day 4/5 days per week from my home office!

✔  Working with clients from all over the world who feel so easy to work with, helping them create realities that were once only a dream for them too!

✔  The ability to run my business from anywhere in the world from my phone, although since having a baby in 2019 this now means while he watches cartoons and needs cuddles!

✔ Feeling so confident in me and what I am capable of.

✔  Constantly stepping into my power and the next version of myself as my dreams and goals get bigger and bigger the moment I expand to the next level.

✔ I live in the most beautiful house in the country and drive a fabulous car … this particular goal seemed SO FAR away when I first wrote it down!

✔ Standing on my own two financial independent feet…this was a HUGE goal for me that I thought would take me years, I achieved it within 3 MONTHS!!

 Believing that I can achieve any goal I want to create.

✔ NEVER talking myself out of those crazy big ideas and dreams now and instead looking at how I can expand and align myself to it by figuring out how I am stopping myself from having it.

Journalling has helped me find myself again.

Discover the courage to go after my dreams.

Give me the determination and the clarity I needed to pursue my goals and not give up.

Putting pen to paper that day was THE defining moment in my life.

I am so grateful for the post I happened upon that day back in 2015.

I am even more grateful that I tried it.

Since then I journal almost daily and it will always be part of my life!

It changed EVERYTHING for me and I want to show you how to use this very powerful tool to help
you bring your goals into your reality too!


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