Simplify Your Success

This is a pre-recorded group training and you have lifetime access to the replay & support in the members group for all questions to ensure you are ready for your best year yet!

  • How to breakdown your 12 month money goal: You are going to map out when and what you will sell. This is so simple and easy to follow that you will use it for years to come!
  • Crystal clarity on the types of clients you want: You will understand how to make simple tweaks in your soulmate client definition and content so you can start calling them in.
  • Rinse and Repeat strategy on filling the spots with ease: You will never again feel like you don’t know what to do in relation to attracting clients through your content.
  • Simple Sales tracking and pricing template : This template will help you understand how your pricing affects your bottom line for the year, how many offers and spots you need to sell and what modifications are necessary in order to find an easier way to hit your income goal! It will also show you at a glance where the majority of your income comes from!
  • Aligned social media strategy: During the training you are going to map out the social media strategy you will use for the ENTIRE year..and probably years to come. You will never again feel like you have to force or plan out content and it will attract the most perfect I’M IN clients!
  • Mindset hacks to stay focused on achieving your goals: All these tweaks mean you will become a different, more focused, more productive, more profitable business owner. You will learn the mindset hacks you will need to align with her!

I’m going to help you Set up the systems and structures you need for your business to support you EVEN when Life gets in the way using the KEEP IT SIMPLE SUNSHINE training . Here we will cover

  • The routines you need in place to keep you from falling off track.
  • Support Systems and Resources that you need to keep your business simple even when life is not.
  • Asking for help, the team members and tools you can get in place to help you get more done in less time.
  • Visibility – How to be EVERYWHERE on social media and allow people to flow to you!
  • Getting It Done – the priorities to make sure your business moves in the right direction on a daily basis!

You have access to a members ONLY group to get direct support for your questions!

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